Introduction to WordPress

Illustration: CC/teamstickergiant/flickr

TOPIC: Self-publishing using WordPress, an industry-standard blogging platform


1. Register a blog at

2. Verify your email address (log into email and click on the link WordPress sent)

3. Choose a theme (you’ll probably change this several times before you find one you’re comfortable with)

4. Publish your first post

(Class resource: Blogging 101)


1. Video: Registering with WordPress

2. Read: Getting started with WordPress

3. Video: Choosing a theme

4. Video: Creating and publishing your first post



On his blog, new media journalist, film maker, lecturer and blogger Adam Westbrook offers six good reasons we should have one too. Blogging is an important skill for journalists (especially freelancers!), but it can also be an effective way to stay in touch with a community or to attract readers to a business website. If you attach a blog to your website and update it regularly, your audience comes back because you provide them with new, usefulĀ and interesting information.


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