Making meetings work (without wasting precious time)

Ice-cased Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison. Photo: Frank Hurley/Wikimedia Commons

The First Golden Rule of working with others: communicate, communicate, communicate! I’ve posted below some notes about the purpose of meetings and how to write a meeting agenda.

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The Media Project is Go!

Photo: Al_HikesAZ/flickr, some rights reserved

Welcome to the Media Project. Over the next 13 weeks you’ll be building your own projects. Some may be sound-based, others more visual, and it’s worthwhile to adventure with as many digital storytelling tools as you can.

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Useful links: Media Project tools

Game of Thrones character Arya Stark’s journey mapped by StoryMapJS




Simple website builders:





Amazingly simple design:



Interactive images, maps and graphics:

Timeline JS

Storymap JS



Google charts

Tableau Public

Getting organised:






Tutorials and How-Tos:


ABC Open Tips & Tutorials

Excel tutorials




Useful links: CC-licensed music and sound

Most music is protected by copyright law, with serious penalties for use without permission. Photo: Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano/flickr.

Most music is protected under international copyright law in the same way photography and illustrations are protected. It is illegal to sample bits and pieces of songs you love to use in your own audio or video works. In the same way as you must not simply grab whatever you want from the results of a Google Image search, you should never use any music you please without first establishing that you have permission to use it.

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Copyright on the Internet

Copyright is for losers ... not! Photo: 917press/flickr; some rights reserved.
Copyright is for losers … not! Photo: 917press/flickr; some rights reserved.

Observing the copyright of other writers, photographers, video makers, and illustrators is very, very important when you’re putting together your multimedia project. You may not use just any old photo or illustration you find using Google Image search. Similarly, you cannot simply “reblog” great stuff you find on other people’s blogs or web sites. Using other people’s work without permission is illegal. It also devalues the work professionals do, which may make your own work worth less in the future, when your work is your livelihood. That’s worth thinking about!

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