I create, therefore I am

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating.” – Henri Bergson. Photo from a stop-frame animation by fotologic/flickr


TO DO DURING THE BREAK: An original story of a standard that can be published on the Sydney TAFE Media news site. It can be told any way you like – a series of photos, a written story, a video, a radio podcast. Post your story on your WordPress and tweet the link (mention me – @babelfishes) when it’s done. NB: This is entirely voluntary – it’s not my style to set homework for holidays. But just in case you wanted something to do 🙂 )

One of the most difficult aspects of working in creative industries is the continual demand for new ideas. Often you’ll be given a clear brief. But sometimes you’ll need to generate your own ideas, and decide how you’ll present them to your audience. The ability to do so is extremely important, and is a vital skill for freelancers (independent journalists, authors, film makers) who must create and sell original stories … or starve.

The point of this exercise is to engage your creative soul, and to demonstrate that you can come up with an interesting piece of work from your own head and heart. Try something new, or draw on your strengths and experience: you choose. Don’t over-think it – often because of self-doubt we edit ourselves before we even begin. Just get it out and have fun.


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