The Media Project is Go!

Photo: Al_HikesAZ/flickr, some rights reserved

Welcome to the Media Project. Over the next 13 weeks you’ll be building your own projects. Some may be sound-based, others more visual, and it’s worthwhile to adventure with as many digital storytelling tools as you can.

To help you understand what ‘multimedia’is, here are some notes from Renee Barnes, lecturer in multimedia and online journalism at RMIT. You can download them, or just know they’re here for your reference as we progress.

I’d like to emphasise the importance of establishing clear deadlines for yourselves and sticking to them. There is a LOT of work to cover this semester, but you’ll manage it easily if you’re organised. Following the project management guidelines will be vital if we’re going to succeed.

So let’s go! Good luck, and enjoy the ride.



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