Great Insta accounts to follow

After the party. iPhone photo ©Verity Chambers

As with any creative pursuit, it’s hard to become a great practitioner unless you look at other people’s work. By far the best way to learn to write well is to read a lot (and then write a lot). It’s exactly the same with singing, dancing, painting and … photography.

Here are some awesome (mostly Australian) Instagram accounts to spend some time with. have a look through their work, and follow the ones that inspire you. A few of my absolute favourites: Leigh Henningham, Simone De Peak, Andrew Quilty, and Christine Pearl.

I’d love you to add your favourites in the comments.


Adam Taylor, The Daily Telegraph @adamtaylorphoto

Alex Ellingshausen, The Sydney Morning Herald @alexellingshausen

Andrew Meares, The Sydney Morning Herald @mearesy

Andrew Quilty, freelancer (Afghanistan) @andrewquilty

Brian Cassey, freelancer @brian_cassey

Christine Pearl, US-based doco photographer @cyanpepper

Dallas Kilponen, Fairfax sports photographer @dallas_kilponen

David Guttenfelder, AP photojournalist @dguttenfelder

Dean Sewell, freelancer @dean_sewell

Ed Wray, freelancer @ed_wray

Everyday Australia, curated account @everydayaustralia

Glenn Campbell, freelancer (northern Australia) @glenn_campbell

Graham Crouch, freelancer (India) @delhigraz

Gregg Porteous, sports photographer @skipper_aust

Head On Photo Festival @headonphotofestival

James Brickwood, Fairfax @jamesbrickwood

Janie Barrett, Fairfax @janiebarrettphotos

Jon Reid, freelancer (Newcastle) @sharperstill

Leigh Hennigham, Fairfax @leighhenningham

Life, magazine archive @life

Grant Turner, freelancer (Sydney) @mediakoo

Mark Evans, Daily Telegraph @evohood

Markus Andersen, freelancer (Sydney) @markusxandersen

Nick Moir, Fairfax @nampix

Noor Images, agency @noorimages

Oculi, agency @oculi

Phil Hillyard, The Daily Telegraph @philhillyard

Simone De Peak, Fairfax @simonedepeak

Tamara Dean, freelancer @tamaradean

Wolter Peeters, Fairfax @shooterwol


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