MoPho portfolio exercises

Happy, Sydney Opera House. Photo © Verity Chambers

A list of our weekly exercises, which you’ll need to post as a portfolio of work in a gallery on your WordPress sites for assessment. Feel free to interpret each in any way you want to, though the theme of each photograph should be clear to a viewer.

You can also do more than one photo for each theme. The more we shoot, the better we get ūüôā

#portrait by a window
#high key (not the musical kind!)
#low key (^ Ditto)
#rule of thirds



PhoJo: An intro to ethical & legal considerations

Photojournalists are witnesses and documenters of history, and journalistic photography is an important agent of social change.

South African Kevin Carter photographed a public execution, known as¬†“necklacing” in the mid-1980s.¬†He later said of his photographs: “I was appalled at what they were doing. I was appalled at what I was doing. But then people started talking about those pictures … then I felt that maybe my actions hadn’t been at all bad. Being a witness to something this horrible wasn’t necessarily such a bad thing to do.”

Eddie Adams’ and Nick Ut’s images questioned growing public unease with the actions of¬†American and South Vietnamese troops in the Vietnam war. But Adams¬†insisted that¬†photographs should not be judged by their shocking or gruesome nature. Viewers should ask themselves, ‚ÄúHow do you know you wouldn‚Äôt have pulled the trigger yourself?‚ÄĚ

Photographers are¬†journalists ‚Äď they know¬†the facts of each story they’re covering and recognise and translate the most newsworthy elements into one, striking image.

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Intro to MoPho & first apps

Basketball, late Monday afternoon. Photo ©Verity Chambers

In his video, iPhone photographer Emil Pakarklis explains seven really simple techniques you can use to make your mobile photography good. As with DSLR and larger format photography, the key ingredients are light, composition, and perspective or point of view.

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Great Insta accounts to follow

After the party. iPhone photo ©Verity Chambers

As with any creative pursuit, it’s hard to become a great practitioner unless you look at other people’s work. By far the best way to learn to write well is to read a lot (and then write a lot). It’s exactly the same with singing, dancing, painting and … photography.

Here are some awesome (mostly Australian) Instagram accounts to spend some time with. have a look through their work, and follow the ones that inspire you. A few of my absolute favourites: Leigh Henningham, Simone De Peak, Andrew Quilty, and Christine Pearl.

I’d love you to add your favourites in the comments.


Adam Taylor, The Daily Telegraph @adamtaylorphoto

Alex Ellingshausen, The Sydney Morning Herald @alexellingshausen

Andrew Meares, The Sydney Morning Herald @mearesy

Andrew Quilty, freelancer (Afghanistan) @andrewquilty

Brian Cassey, freelancer @brian_cassey

Christine Pearl, US-based doco photographer @cyanpepper

Dallas Kilponen, Fairfax sports photographer @dallas_kilponen

David Guttenfelder, AP photojournalist @dguttenfelder

Dean Sewell, freelancer @dean_sewell

Ed Wray, freelancer @ed_wray

Everyday Australia, curated account @everydayaustralia

Glenn Campbell, freelancer (northern Australia) @glenn_campbell

Graham Crouch, freelancer (India) @delhigraz

Gregg Porteous, sports photographer @skipper_aust

Head On Photo Festival @headonphotofestival

James Brickwood, Fairfax @jamesbrickwood

Janie Barrett, Fairfax @janiebarrettphotos

Jon Reid, freelancer (Newcastle) @sharperstill

Leigh Hennigham, Fairfax @leighhenningham

Life, magazine archive @life

Grant Turner, freelancer (Sydney) @mediakoo

Mark Evans, Daily Telegraph @evohood

Markus Andersen, freelancer (Sydney) @markusxandersen

Nick Moir, Fairfax @nampix

Noor Images, agency @noorimages

Oculi, agency @oculi

Phil Hillyard, The Daily Telegraph @philhillyard

Simone De Peak, Fairfax @simonedepeak

Tamara Dean, freelancer @tamaradean

Wolter Peeters, Fairfax @shooterwol